What Danielle’s Clients Are Saying…

I have so much gratitude for you and the sacred space you hold in your breathing workshop. I was able to finally grieve last night for an event that happened almost 10 years ago. Blessings and much love to you!!!
— Eric


When I first met Danielle, she was seeing my daughter because of her “issues”. Well after one of the sessions with my daughter ended, she asked to speak to me. Right there she stated that she felt she needed to see me more than my daughter. I was stunned. Thankfully I didn’t let my embarrassment overtake me because I have been seeing Danielle for a couple of years. And she was right, my relationship with my daughter is amazing now. She has not been my first therapist but she has been the first therapist who really wanted to delve into my past and issues. There have been many times with Danielle that I have cried, yelled, laughed, and just sat there. I truly love the light and energy that Danielle has. She is always looking for new ways to help her clients with their issues. She attends all the latest therapies and brings them to us. I have learned breath meditation, hypnosis, positive thinking and will be learning about Mandala paintings. I don’t need to see her as often but will see her periodically to get all her new “good teaching stuff”. Danielle is a gifted therapist and I feel absolutely BLESSED that our paths crossed. Because of her I am growing into a very confident, positive and healthy person.

– Kathy

Danielle is a life saver! She has helped me improve every aspect of my life.

She is always finding new tools to help me. With her help she gave me the tools to heal my relationship with my daughter. We are strong and happy. And its been this way for 4 years. She helped me see my worth and I took that and changed my life. I moved to the big city and am pursuing my dream job! Without her I would not have. Her energy & spirit is so beautiful. Her Mandala classes are wonderful (and they always turn out so amazing!) I'm not a painter either. She is an amazing teachier. I always feel fabulous after. She is such a gift to me and my daughter! Thank you Danielle for changing my life!!!

– Lisa


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I wanted to tell you life just couldn't be going better. Thank you so much for your care over the years.

My son left for College last week and told me and his step dad that he loved him. He has a clear knowledge of what took place during the divorce and we have gotten to a very trusting loving relationship. I counted so much on the advise you gave and it all came to pass. Words can't tell you the appreciation I have for you can your care. Thank you for getting me to here....it's a very happy today. God Bless you.

– Beth

Danielle suggested I try EMDR and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Through it, she helped me to resolve several lingering issues in my life. Her creativity in different methodologies throughout the years I have seen her professionally has always meant just the right thing at the right time. Whether Soul Memory to find peace, breath work and meditation to allow me to say goodbye to a dear friend, healing through painting a mandala, she has always been able to tap into just the right vein of emotion that has allowed healing and understanding. Mostly, I have appreciated that it has not taken years to work through various happening in my life – Danielle is right there, working to get me to where I need to be. I credit the Seventh Path series she facilitated with bringing me a certain peace and calm that gives me every day mantras that I still use. (Though I'd LOVE to do Seventh Path again as a refresher!) The best ever!

– Susan



I have been a client of Danielle's for at least six years now. She has been a blessing in aiding my growth and development. Working in the medical field at times can be stressful. Through Danielle's vast knowledge of traditional, holistic, and alternative therapies such as, her Mandala workshops and Breath classes, have all aided in my self growth. I have gained a variety of skills to strengthen my internal core. I highly recommend attending her classes and seeking one on one therapy with Danielle. She takes her time working with you and getting to the root of what is ailing you. Your mental and emotional stability and YOU are worth it!

– Moni


Working with Danielle has been like a breath of fresh air for me...literally. Doing the breath work has been valuable both physically for having asthma, mentally for clarity and purpose, while spiritually for heightened awareness and perseverance along my path in this life. Besides Danielle being the beloved and lovely mermaid who rides a dolphin, her constant and precious companion, Lucy, is a spiritual helper from the animal kingdom. She is a sweet, understanding assistant whether in breathwork, 7th Path meditation, or during a mandala class. I have done them all with tremendous beneficial results recognizable in my daily experiences, i.e. living from my heart.

– Pammy



Thanks to Danielle and her breath work class…

I have been able to move easily through overwhelming grief, fear and all the other "negative" emotions that are a part of change and growth.

Danielle's loving and safe presence has allowed me and so many others to release the deepest emotional blocks which has allowed more of my joy to break through. This work has also helped me to experience higher states of consciousness which has profoundly affected my meditation an prayer work. In the past 60+ years of my healing journey I've found another better for creating peace, healing and more light in my life.

– RB

With Danielle I have experienced the power of combining EMDR & Breath!

I realized how I was keeping myself small and in this "safe" container with EMDR. Then in the Breath session I experienced the feeling of surrender, love and freedom. Trusting God and myself again to move forward. Danielle's Breath work session also gave the experience of reclaiming power, aliveness, and trust in my body and releasing fear and grief. I am so grateful for the healing and transformation! Thank you Danielle.

– Tammera



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