Heart-Centered Psychotherapy

Working as a Psychotherapist for over 24 years I've come to realize that while the details of everybody's story is different, the negative beliefs system that are created by their wounds are all very similar. I believe a lot of us are walking around with some degree of self-judgment, shame, or unresolved pain...and that we spend an enormous amount of energy trying to hide what we believe is wrong with us. On one extreme, creating mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addiction, or on the other, overcompensating with perfectionism, over achievement, and aggressive consumerism, all to escape that feeling inside that “there’s something wrong with me”. Until those wounds are neutralized, nothing you do to try and change will work.  

The solution can't be found in the mind. If it could, you would have figured it by now. The mind doesn't know the way, it is stuck in duality, in judgment: good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse. Nothing the mind can think of will ever fulfill you. How many times have you had the experience of attaining something you thought would satisfy you, only to realize that feeling “that there was still something missing” was still there. Have you noticed how your mind is never satisfied for long?

The path to freedom is thru the heart.

The heart only knows love. Underneath all the layers of hurt and pain lies the truth of who you are. The only cure is self acceptance, self love…but it’s hard to love yourself when you're carrying around wounds from your childhood, subconscious programming you picked up from your parents and society, and the memories of the mistakes you've made along the way.

What you are seeking is a feeling of wholeness within yourself. To have the freedom to fully be yourself with no filters or restrictions. Not who your mind says you should be – not who your parents or society say you should be – but the unique expression of you. No one else on the planet can complete you, no amount of love, money, admiration, or success can fill that empty feeling inside you. Nothing outside of you can satisfy you…the secret is to fill yourself up from within. 

Every false belief, judgment, story from your past, take up space in your body. All the layers of pain and anger prevent you from experiencing who you really are. As you let go of all these, you able to access your true self. With that feeling of wholeness inside, every need is satisfied, there is no desire coming from lack, only a desire for expansion, a natural feeling of love emanating from within you. This is what it means to love yourself.

The combination of therapies and tools that I use are designed to release negative belief systems and painful emotions. To heal them at the core so that you free from them completely. My years of experience have taught me how to identify the root of the problem and to know what techniques will be most effective in healing what is keeping you stuck. The work can be intense at times, but it gets results. My goal is to create a space that allows you to finally discover the truth of who you are…and live the life you were meant to live.

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Your subconscious is a powerful and mysterious force which can either hold you back or help you move forward. Without its cooperation, your best goals will go unrealized; with its help you are unbeatable.
— Jenny Davidow