Are you ready to do the deep work to create lasting change in your life?  It won’t be easy, it will take commitment and effort, but you’re worth it.  With over 24 years of experience behind me, I will guide you thru the maze of your mind into the freedom of your heart.   I can show you the way, but it’s up to you to do the work, it’s up to you to heal yourself. 

One of the most efficient tools I have found is the breath work. The breathwork allows the body to deeply relax and quiets the mind; creating numerous emotional, mental and physical benefits.    I will teach you how to do the breathing in session with me and encourage you to develop a regular practice at home.   The clients who have committed to a breath work practice have created huge shifts in their lives and shortened the length of treatment significantly. 

I am committed to helping people heal and find lasting happiness.  Happy people make this world a better place for everyone.  As we end the battles we’re fighting within ourselves, we’ll end the battles we’re fighting on the outside.   All we have to do to change the world is change ourselves.  And the only change we need to make is to let go of everything that isn’t us, the self-loathing, and self-judgment that leads to all dis-ease and problems in our lives. 

If you are ready to become the person you came here to be, it is time to contact me and schedule an appointment.

Rates: Individual $200 Couples: $250

(Please note I no longer accept insurance, but can provide a superbill for you to be reimbursed.)



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