About MandalA

Creativity is a shortcut to healing.

I fell in love with Mandalas the first time I saw one.  I immediately signed up for a course to learn how to paint them and haven’t stopped.  Every aspect of creating the Mandala reflects back to me where I am in my journey to the truth.  The journey has its ups and down, ranging from moments of bliss and love to frustration and anger.   I paint whatever comes up into the canvas.  The process becomes a meditation, the Mandala begins to create itself.  Memories of the past will surface, thoughts about the future arise, all the while the color of the paint on my canvas has my full attention.  By the time it is complete, I am residing in a deeper place of love within myself.   

I decided to create a workshop combining my two passions, Mandalas and the Breath work.  The pranayama breath work is an active meditation that quickly quiets the mind, allowing you to access the quiet space within your heart.  When our awareness is focused in the heart, we can experience life more fully.  Through the breath work, anything that is blocking your heart from being open (such as fear, anger, sadness) is brought to the surface and released.  The process is automatic.  The healing happens from within.

Mandalas have meant many things to many people.  The way that I utilize them in my classes are as a vortex to your true self.  A process of connecting to the true essence of who you are at your core.  That truth is meant to be the guiding force in your life.  Years of hurts and mental programming can make it hard to hear that wisdom within us.  I see the lotus petals on the mandala opening as we let go of self-judgment and self-loathing.  As we allow ourselves to release that critical voice in our heads the beauty of our light shines through our hearts.  We then experience a greater ease and flow with life. 

Taking the time to develop the relationship with that part of yourself, allows it to become a stronger presence in your daily life.  That intelligence knows exactly how to heal you and guide you. The experience will be as powerful as you are willing to let it be.  The more effort you put into breathing through the resistance, the more you are willing to trust and allow the process to happen, the deeper you will go.  I will provide you all the tools and guidance you need to reach that place within you.  Once the Mandala is complete it becomes a way of accessing the place inside in your heart.  This workshop is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself.

No artistic experience necessary!


1 and 2 day workshops available.

Contact us to find out about hosting a workshop in your home or business.