Three Effective Heart Therapies:

Breath Work • Mandala He(art) Therapy  • Heart-Centered Psychotherapy

The breath work is an active meditation that creates the opportunity for powerful healing to occur.  This ancient eastern breathing technique allows the conscious mind to relax enabling access to the subconscious mind.   Once awareness is brought to the belief system   Read More →

Healing Yourself With Creative Expression
Experience a day of healing and creativity as we utilize the magic of Mandalas to open your heart. The active breath meditation will facilitate the journey to your core, taking you beyond the thoughts of your mind into the truth of your heart. We will begin with a 30 minute meditation and then spend the rest of the day painting. The process of creating a mandala will allow your heart to open as you release what no longer serves you.  

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Danielle Hering takes traditional psychotherapy to a whole new level by implementing a more heart-focused approach that transmutes belief systems and core issues through self-love techniques. Read More →